Law Firm Philosophy


High Price to Quality Ratio

Properly allocating scarce resources can mean the difference between success and failure.  Our goal is to provide companies and individuals with affordable high quality legal services.  My firm’s services carry a very high price to quality ratio, meaning that we provide the same quality, experience and service that you would find in a large or medium size law firm.  Our fees, however, are less than half of what you would pay for their services.  We do this by keeping our overhead minimal and, when necessary, working with a select group of small boutique firms and specialized solo practitioners that we have established relationships with.  Over the years, I have managed a very sophisticated in-house law practice.  I have also managed the outsourcing of millions of dollars in legal services to some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world.  Having been a general counsel for many companies during my career, I am very familar with the day to day needs of growing companies that are not yet in a postion to hire full time in-house counsel.  I assure you that when you compare the quality, expertise and service that you get from my firm for legal services, you will be more than pleased with the value you get.  In law, like in other areas of business, "bigger is not always better". Often times people are mislead by the notion that hiring the biggest law firm and paying their enormous fees increases their chance of success. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many large law firms are billing machines that are incapable of giving you accurate cost estimates. 

Business Minded Strategic Counseling

Attorneys must bring more than good legal skills to the table. I enjoy working closely with my clients and make it a point to understand how their businesses operate and owners' specific goals on each legal matter.  I have years of experience as general counsel providing strategic counseling to large and small companies   I understand that legal issues and litigation divert resources and detract from management’s ability to grow their companies. I will help you prevent disputes in advance by helping you develop strategies to mitigate risk, set up internal controls and address compliance issues.  When an amicable solution to a business dispute does not look possible, I will carefully evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of your claim, as well as your anticipated defenses. This emphasis on strategic planning enables me to offer you a realistic assessment of your leverage and your chances of prevailing in litigation.  I pride myself on helping my clients develop leverage before battle.  I am a practical business minded problem solver. We never run the meter when it is not in your best interest, and never  without a full discussion beforehand.  Many legal disputes can and should be settled but are not because bitterness and anger cloud combatants' ability to perform an accurate cost benefit analysis.

Sensitive to Your Budget

We recognize companies are concerned about legal fees disproportionate to the amount in dispute or to the effort actually required. By paying special attention to the economics of each matter, we deliver efficient, quality representation.  We are open to alternative fee arrangements and will consider contingent representation in the right circumstances.  Cost is a key factor for everyone whether a startup or Fortune 500; millionaire or blue collar worker.  In handling a legal matter we recognize that are different strategic options.  Keeping your costs as low as possible is always one key goal we will have for your case. 

A Different Approach

We understand that legal considerations don’t control every business decision. We will look with you at every problem in its context to find its solution. If it means hard-nosed litigation, we will do it. If the problem lends itself better to mediation or negotiation, we will use those tools instead. If the solution calls for a special skill we do not offer, we will try to help you find the right person for it. Our focus is on what works for our clients. We know our services must contribute to your profitability and success. We know we have succeeded when you come back again for advice or you refer or recommend your colleagues to us.